Welcome to CS50: ./

In class today I was introduced to the code world of programming in C through Harvard's CS50 computer science program. The lesson revolved around producing the output message of "," and I was able to begin navigating the CS50 IDE, which is a web-based "integrated development environment," that allows program language to run. The key operating system to CS50 is Ubuntu Linux, which contains the open source software of Docker. I was tasked with the assignment of working with CS50 IDE to create and rename new folders, create new folders within folders, and files within other files and folders, and to toggle with the work-space bar and the terminal window. I followed a set of directions listed on the CS50 site, where I entered code (such as "hello.txt," "ls," and "hello.c”), to allow the code to run in the programming language. 

From this lesson I learned that first and foremost, coding takes patience. Secondly, a key takeaway for …

Interview: Locating a New Computing Innovation through GPS

In an age of technological discoveries, our society has benefited in numerous ways from computing innovations. While I found lighting to be one of my most impactful innovations, when interviewing my mom, she claimed that a GPS has been one the most beneficial computing innovations she has encountered. The technology behind a GPS revolves around groups of satellites in Earth's orbit. These satellites send precise signals to GPS receivers to track location, speed, and time data and maps for the user.

For my mom, a GPS has been an innovation that "takes stress out of finding out where you're going," as it serves as a virtual system to avoid traffic, avoid law enforcement in the area for tickets, and a GPS (whether it be in a car or on a phone) offers the fastest way to reach a destination (saving gas and money). In addition, the mapping computer innovation permits people to locate "what you need on the road, whether it be restaurants, grocery stores, or gas station…

Computing Innovation: Light Bulb!

The computing information that has had the most impact on my life is electric lighting systems. Light has given me opportunities to live life before the sun rises and after the sun sets. Light bulbs have revolutionized the way I live daily as I can complete schoolwork, play sports under the lights, move around in my house to either eat, grab items, talk with friends and family, and perform other activities that would have rather been limited by darkness. Light bulbs on cars and bicycles have allowed me to transport myself during the evening when the sun sets, and lights have permitted activities to take place as if it was still light outside. In addition, this man-made brightness allows myself and others to feel a sense of freedom, as mankind is not confined to only daylight hours. Artificial light is beneficial as it illuminates my home and streets, and light allows me to live a public life at night by eating at restaurants and walking around town with others. Lighting systems have e…